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2003 BMW M3 CSL Spec , CONVERTIBLE, Individual, Estoril blue

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ID 9745


2003 BMW M3 CSL Spec , CONVERTIBLE, Individual, Estoril blue Thousands of ££££s recently spent including CSL upgrades The previous owner wanted an M3 C S L convertible (which are not available) and after months of searching found this car and went about upgrading the car to CSL specification. He then continued to upgrade and kept the car for nearly ten years before immigrating to the USA. The Bodywork is finished in Metallic Estoril blue with Grey leather in without Blemish, the soft top roof has recently had a new replacement. The car performs and drives unbelievably and since all the main upgrades have been completed in the recent years the mileage is almost irrelevant. A great deal of money has been spent by the previous owners to get this car into this high standard. I am sure you will not find a better example of an BMW E46 M3 with CSL spec and this car is an appreciating classic, I have kept it in storage and have great fun driving it from time to time but circumstances have now changed. This is a drivers car and should be enjoyed everyday The Cherished number plate M3 VKK also forms part of this sale. Exterior EV-ENTURI induction upgrade + Modifications (AS CSL 360 PS/265kW) Removable hard top in matching colour and also comes with the garage hard top stand (there is a tiny mark about the size of a 5p on the roof but hardly noticeable). The BMW also comes with Full Service history which has been noted below. Full HPI print out showing no insurance claims, finance or mileage discrepancy. The BMW comes with a number of exterior and interior features which are listed below: Interior Features: Premium In-Car touch screen sound system with the following functions: Bluetooth AM/FM Stereo CD Multi-changer CD Player Air Conditioning + Climate Control Cruise control leather electric seats parking sensors Power assisted steering (PAS) Central Locking Electric Windows ABS Electronic Stablility Program (ESP) Immobiliser & Thatcham Over Carpets Rear Seat Belts Semi Automatic Transmission Paddle Shift Steering Wheel Exterior Features: Powder coated brake calipers Stainless steel twin exhaust Independent Clifford immobiliser Alarm New Improved Handling Suspension Body Height Lowered Diamond Cut Wheels CSL Engine Upgrades Replacement Intake Safety Alarm Blue Estorilr Metallic Paint Catalytic Converter Wind Deflector Particulate Filter Other Upgrades carried out: SMG Gear Change & new solenoids History, manual & MOT information: V5 Certificate present = YES Manuals Included Clifford Concept 650 Users Manual Stamped BMW service book Old Tax Discs MOT Certificates: 05/06/2019 06/06/2019 - retest due to damage tyre nearside rear 17/05/2018 19/05/2015 19/05/2014 28/04/2017 10/10/2016 12/10/2011 26/10/2011 30/10/2011 01/01/2010 09/05/2010 24/01/2006 27/01/2007 28/01/2008 Brief Breakdown of Service history invoices: 24/09/2013 - Barons Farnborough - Replacement Hydro Unit - Paid: £1,665.01 17/05/2018 - GOV UK Vehicle Tax Receipt 16/05/2018 - Highams Park Motor Co Limited - Fault Memory, engine light on, several faults stored, Inlet Manifold and replace Throttle Actuator , Replace battery, check and reset tyre pressure TPS - Paid: £821.00 14/05/2018 - Autologic Quick Test Report 05/07/2017 - Highams Park Motors Limited - Check Fault in memory, no faults recorded for gear box, steering angle sensor fault recorded, gearbox ECU update, software update on gearbox - Paid: £138.00 15/06/2015 - Bespoke Leathering - removal of interior, renovating and refit 02/09/2015 - Storm Motorworks - E46 SMG Shift Paddles 20/10/2016 - H&L Motors - Replacement N?S Seatbelt, Polish Tail Pipes & Rear Roof Trim - Paid: £135.00 06/06/2015 - H&L Motors - Investigate loss of coolant, Replace water pump & bleed system & replace water - Paid: £368.70 06/05/2016 - H&L Motors - MOT Special Price - Paid: £27.40 24/03/2016 - H&L Motors - Investigate Oil Level & Temp Gauge Not Working, replace engine oil level sensor & top up oil - Paid: £239.98 04/02/2016 - H&L Motors - Service Invoice - 10/60 Synthetic oil, oil filter, rear brake pads, rear brake discs, brake sensor, NSF Wheel Bearing, Spark Plugs, Service Oil & Fluids, Sump Plug Washer, Emission Control Service Petro, Wheel Nut Key Bag - Paid: £1,054.99 04/02/2016 - H&L Motors - Service Invoice - MOT, Replacement nearside anti roll bar linkage, investigate steering wheel controls, remove drivers air bag and steering wheel, re-route wiring loom for steering wheel controls, rectify poor connections - Paid: £187.94 04/02/2016 - H&L Motors - Nearside lever surround and labour charges - Paid: £24.02 07/08/2015 - H&L Motors - Fit both front headlamp covers - Paid: £75.60 04/07/2015 - H&L Motors - Investigate noise from rear of car and replace fuel and new fuel pump - Paid: £287.64 31/07/2014 - H&L Motors - Carry out minor service, AC re-gas, replace both hood covers and lubricate, investigate rattle, re-secure towing eye cover, re-secure battery, new roof flaps, oil filter, engine oil, sump plug washer, motor flush - Paid: £736.37 04/07/2015 - H&L Motors - Replace both rear coil springs, replace both front brake discs and pads, re-align both front headlamps, MOT, rear coil spring, front brake discs, front brake pads, front brake sensor, thread set - Paid: £994.73 18/10/2015 - MAF Service - Bosch air flow sensor - Paid: £139.90 22/04/2015 - H&L Motors - MOT, Replace wheel bolt set, remove drivers door trim and re-torque window regulator, investigate air bag light illuminating intermittently, investigate parking sensor fault, wiring checked and all ok -Paid: £87.45 17/09/2015 - Evolve Performance Tuning - Evolve EC Software upgrade and VAI Intake kit Package - Paid: £1,150.00 17/09/2015 - Evolve Performance Engineering - Torque report 12/10/2013 - H&L Motors - Replace rear ash tray unit, internal lights at rear not working, repair damaged electrical spacer, replace n/s arm rest cap, check EML on and ry new oil pressure valve, replace O/S/F side light bulb connector, Replace O/S Headlamp holder - Paid: £195.12 10/05/2013 - Halfords - Halford Battery, Window Wiper T Piece - Paid: £125.47 27/06/2013 - H&L Motors - Top Up Fluid and Seal Container Best Possible,new container, refit N/S boot lamp trim - Refit Warning, N/S/F Side light bulb, Labour charges, engine oil and oil filter - Paid: £206.04 27/11/2012 - Car Vision UK - Replacement DVD GPS Multimedia System, E46 & E53 Conversion Extension Kit, 5mtr Extension lead - Paid: £554.99 26/09/2013 - Grosvenor Motor Company - Brake Cleaner, CHF11S, Replacement 20a Fuse, Labour Work Shop, BMW Fault Memory, Diagnostic - Paid: 542.85 28/09/2017 - GOV UK Vehicle Sorn 09/09/2013 - Barons Farnborough - Vehicle test, Charge Battery, Vehicle Diagnostics, Replace master relay, check front brakes, check rear brakes, check gearbox, vehicle health check - Paid: £3,499.92 13/02/2014 - Vanos - Replace Vanos and gears, timing guides, new solenoid pack - Paid: £1,000 07/05/2010 - Chandler Stewart - Paid: £350.00 07/05/2010 - Chandler Stewart - Valet- Paid: £82.25 17/07/2009 - Number plate authorisation certificate - DVLA 17/07/2009 - Knights North Staffordshire - Oil - Paid: £18.60 18/04/2005 - Fairfield Leigh on Sea - Service and maintenance check - Paid: £226.60 18/04/2005 - Fairfield Leigh on Sea - Brake Disc E46, Plastilube, brake cleaner, brake pads - Paid: £552.67 04/09/2004 - Fairfield Leigh on Sea - Gasket E46, Gasket, Gasket Steel, Oil Filter, Spark Plug, Air Con Filter, Screenwash - Paid: £775.31 07/01/2003 - Synther Harold Wood - Purchase Receipt - Paid: £27,850.00 25/06/2009 - - Purchase of registration 20/07/2017 - Highams Park Motor Co Limited - Replacement Fuel Pump and Relay, Replacement Diff Oil - £614.13 02/05/2017 - Gov UK Road Tax Receipt - £305.00 NO DATE - Barons Farnborough - Carry out of front drivers airbag recall, passenger front air bag recall, visual health check & road test, Complimentary wash & vacuum NO DATE - Thompson Performance Cars - Remove hard top, connect diagnosis and carry out short test, locate fault to lack hydraulic fluid, remove pump/valve block assembly, recharge with fluid, reset parameters and test, carry our test on SRS system, both seat locks - 17/03/2006 - £124.35 25/01/2007 - Harvey Tyres - 2x Tyre Valve changes - £15.28 13/02/2007 - Knights Staffordshire / BMW Service - Seat Fitting + Seat Clip - £4.27 18/06/2007 - PJ BMW Specialists - BMW Labour Receipt + 2 bottles of hydraulic oil - £212.95 04/01/2008 - PJ BMW Specialists - Replacement N/S Brake Caliper, Front Discs + Pads & Rear Brake Pads - £885.84 11/01/2008 - PJ BMW Specialists - Replacement O/S + N/S Rear Springs - £453.55 11/01/2008 - Pan Auto Services / First Stop Tyre Centre - Check Air Con System, Regas System with R134, Add Leak Replacement O/S + N/S Rear Springs, - £453.55 18/02/2008 - Knights Staffordshire / BMW Service - Replacement Relay - 18/02/2008 - £4.76 08/06/2008 - New Keepers Supplement Slip DVLA V948 Number Plate Autorisation Certificate ( GAZ 2178 ) 18/05/2017 - PJ BMW Specialists - BMW Oil Service - £158.62 22/01/2007 - Thompson Performance Cars - MOT Receipt - £39.50 Any viewing / inspection is welcome. The asking price does not reflect the amount of money spent in the past few years to achieve such an example of the M3 E46 CSL spec!