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1963 Volkswagen Beetle 1200

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1963 Volkswagen Beetle 1200 Flawless paintwork, no rust, link and kingpins 100%. Comes with a set of original manual and service book. The 1963 Beetle had the fan housing for the engine redesigned, as were the muffler and heat exchanger. New floor mats and window guides were also part of the '63 Beetle package. But the truth is, the Beetle was selling well in the early 1960s, so why would VW want to mess with a good thing? The basic Beetle came with a 40-horsepower, four-cylinder, 1200cc aluminium-magnesium engine, as well as a four-speed transmission, independent front suspension and telescopic shock absorbers. Other standard features included sun visors, coat hooks, assist straps, an automatic windshield washer, an overhead light, and luggage space under the front hood and in a three-foot carpeted compartment behind the rear seat. Plus, the Beetle was a distinctive vehicle that was fun to drive, economical to operate, and easy to maintain.