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Mini 35 Limited Edition Looking for a New Home

0333 344 2329
ID 8470


Mini 35 Limited Anniversary Edition 1275cc in Arizona Blue in need of a new home. Great little runner. Mechanically as sound as a mini gets. Needs some care and attention to the bodywork now. Completely original interiors. I have had the privilege of owning this car for 8 years. In that time, I have spent a small fortune on replacing mechanical components to ensure the car was reliable. I have kept all the receipts for work done. Some of the parts replaced in the last 8 years include: Start motor Alternator Wiring loom Engine mounting Exhaust Accelerator cable Primary gears Handbrake cable Brake cylinders Fuel line Complete brazing of the fuel tank New nearside door sill Spare tyre RAC long life 5 year guaranteed battery with 4 years still on it Wiper motor And much, much more This car took me to Bangor, North Wales (200 miles each way) and back 6 times in 2016/2017 with no problems at all. It has the obligatory oil leak which all minis have, but as long as you check it regularly and keep it topped up; it’s not a problem and actually keeps your oil pretty clean. It has a JVC stereo/CD player wired in which works and it has two speakers on the back window sill. Not bad sound for the little car. The heater and the heated back window are in full working order. I have been told by Mini Bitz mechanics that the car is unusual as it is a carburettor engine in a fuel injection frame. (I don’t know enough to confirm or deny this). Bad bits: The car is in desperate need of a respray. There is corrosion in the usual areas, which I have tried to show in the pictures. The far side is worse than the near side and the front is worse than the back, but it will need doing to prevent a larger problem down the line. The previous owner had it resprayed cheaply and didn't bother to get the Mini 35 decals put back on. Also, some brat at the University of Bangor thought it was funny to vandalise my car when I was up there. Mostly no permanent damage but he did decide to leave his foot imprint on the front grill. I have popped out the worst of the damage, but it only costs about £30-40 for a new one. The price has been adjusted to reflect these issues. I am emigrating soon, and I keep hoping I will the lottery so I can afford to get the respray done and take the car with me. But.... I'm not that lucky. So I need a quick sale to a good home. It has all the original interiors and neat little alloy wheels. The car handles exceptionally well. Even mini mechanics can't believe how well it drives and handles. MOT due in October 2019. You are welcome to have a look and a test drive. Please contact me for details. Only serious buyers please!! I have enough to do right now without people only showing up for a joy ride! Also, I won't sell it to a kid looking to spoil it with a body kit and run it into the nearest tree or lamppost on a night out.