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Audi Cabriolet



reviewed by Muttley Macc on 24 February 2016
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Vorsprung Durch Tecknik

I bought my cabby for just under £1,500 a couple of years ago. Its a 5 cylinder early variant and I use it as a daily driver. OK, so its in the dreaded red but has been resprayed at some point in its life. I bought it because I wasn't using my humdrum re-mobile and needed some wheels. I was looking at aircooled VWs, but with their price going up pretty fast, I felt that a more modern classic would be best. So to the Audi - I have owned this for around 2 years of which I have enjoyed driving it for every mile. The 5-cylinder makes a nice thrum and (touch wood), has been 100% reliable. Using some low gear performance and driving 6k miles a year, I am averaging 33 mpg on Super Unleaded. Inside, the interior is in good condition with leather seats having little wear, the dashboard and fascia are bulletproof - a thing of more modern Audi's - and the hood doesn't leak. Problems? Well, mine had been in a prang sometime before I bought the car and repaired to a good standard. Some hard-to-get bits of trim are not so good though - the rear centre panel is cracked (common problem), the inner boot light covers are missing and the front driver's side headlight is cracked (rocking horse dung is more common to buy than these). The car is front heavy so I am expecting to sort out the suspension structs/coils at some point and the I have just sourced a catalytic converter which needs fitting. All in all, a great but and surprisingly cheap to run. My view is that the 2.0 is probably underpowered, but the V6 variants are probably a hoot to drive. The run out 1.8s have a 20 value engine too so these may be OK too. All in all a great starter classic!

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